Food & Beverage

  • This healthy snack brand (awarded by Nosh as “Brand of the Year”), was started in the mid 2000’s, and has a strong retail presence including Whole Foods
  • In March of 2020, similar to all brands we had to make a quick and sudden pivot away from our original messaging.
  • The issue was predicting supply chain issues, in-store grocery habits, and more.
  • While the country was in lockdown, nervous, and unpredictable. This brand developed a positive messaging & creative campaign that we pushed out in mass levels of awareness
  • This lead to an overall uptick in sales on the Direct To Consumer Sales, as well as significantly increased engagement via our paid social awareness campaigns.


  • An authentic apparel brand, started by a true Coloradoan. For years, festivals, events and word of mouth had generated this brand steady sales, but they needed a stronger digital presence in order to appropriately scale.
  • In late Fall of 2019, we simply started with Black Friday discounts via paid social ads. All within an $1000 adspend budget.
  • 2 Year, and over $70,000 a month in sales later, we’ve created a loyal fanbase, repeat consumers, and convert new prospective users daily.
  • After proving Paid Social a more than profitable platform (3x ROAS monthly) we decided to test out Amazon.
  • Amazon exceeded expectations w/ multiple SKU’s (4x ROAS monthly),broadening the brands availability and total sales.
  • Our next step with this brand is opening up Wholesale B2B


Partnered with: Centaur Consulting Group

Quick Service Restaurant

  • A once Chicagoland area staple, this quick service restaurant needed a digital revamp in order to both engage new consumers, and reengage older once loyal consumers.
  • Lured consumers in with a familiar face & vintage advertisement that engaged both targeted age groups.
  • By leveraging this video asset in Paid Social, we reached close to 900k users, generating 1M video views (users watched more than once, or shared).
  • Users were then retargeted with product & offer focused ads, after their original engagement with the vintage prospecting ads leading to thousands of online orders for delivery or pickup.
  • A large % of those users who ordered are now repeat customers.

Food & Beverage

  • A cold brew coffee brand founded by award winning baristas. This brand had a presence in retail (Whole Foods, Wegmans, Publix), but hadn’t yet tapped into their Ecommerce Potential.
  • In late spring of 2020, Direct to Consumer sales began to skyrocket once supply chains had the chance to catch up with the surge in online ordering. With the increase in consumer behavior, and seasonality of summer for cold brew brands, we felt the timing was perfecting for launching their first true Paid Social acquisition campaign.
  • Our strategy started 70/20 retargeting vs. prospecting, first reengaging & reminding previous consumers they haven’t ordered in a while.
  • As the summer progressed, 60% of sales came from first impression purchases from untapped users. Campaign ROAS hovered around 3x until the summer began to wind down.
  • This set the foundation for a digital strategy heading into the “off-season”, reinforcing the need for stronger email marketing, organic presence, influencers, and more.

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