At Gawronski Food & Beverage we understand early stage and established food and beverage/CPG brands needs to reach consumers in today’s fragmented media space. We are considerate and mindful to working with investors, how distribution works, lean budgets, lower bandwidth etc. Given our understanding of the industry, we then marry our digital expertise to formulate an effective digital media campaign.

When it comes to F&B/CPG brands there are two objectives that we need to help you achieve:

1. Awareness

Driving Top of Mind Awareness to relevant audiences, when the consumer see’s our ads within a shoppable mile radius of retail locations, we are going to influence their purchasing decisions the next time they are in our grocery aisle.

2. Intent

Whether its direct to consumer, Amazon sales, engagement, store finder entries, or emails signups, we convert users who have expressed the first stage of interest in your brand. We funnel them to commitment, continuing their journey to purchase.

Marketing Agencies have experienced a massive transformation in the past several years. The Marketing Industry is bloated with agencies & staff who have little attachment to the client and don’t fully understand the numerous aspects outside of their scope that makes the brand successful. They “set it, and forget it”, while providing little to no analysis, and most importantly, aren’t invested in the brand’s success We are able to develop paid media strategies, that are lean, profitable, and proactively planning what is needed next in order to scale.