Paid Media Strategy​

Our goal is to find your audience on the most effective digital marketing platforms

On a broader scale, we help you determine  where, when and how we can convert consumers based on your products availability.

All of our decisions are based on insight from data, trends, and your core consumers persona.

  • Ad-spend Budget allocation
  • Funnel creation
  • Channel Recommendations
  • KPI’s, benchmark education, and metric goal setting

Retail Partners

Paid Media Buying

Let our team take care of the media buying and daily monitoring.

Our team will manage the manual ad buying on each platform. Our expertise allows us to structure, launch and optimize campaigns with precision, maximizing performance and profits.

  • Detailed weekly reporting
  • Spreadsheet data twice a week
  • Performance review deck every other week
  • Daily pacing and optimizing
  • Performance Forecasting

Data Reporting & Insights

Understand why and how consumers are reacting to your brand.

Our Insights

  • Learn who, what, where and why consumers are buying your products.
  • Leverage of our insights to reinvest in what is “working” with the brand.

Our Forecasting

  • Based on historic, and current data, get a better understanding of where we can help scale sales online.
  • Better prepare your inventory and operations on our sales volume trends.

We Have a Proven Track Record With US & Canadian Markets